1. “infinitive” adalah “verb” dlm bentuk dasar digabung dgn “to”  Pada kalimat “I forgot to buy milk,” “to buy” adalah infinitive.
  2. “gerund” adalah “verb” dalam bentuk “present participle” seperti “swimming”, walking, listening, etc” Pada kalimat  “I like swimming” “swimming” adalah “gerund”. Sama sekali tidak berkaitan dgn sedang berenang.

Kedua bentuk ini bisa berperan sebagai noun, tetapi pada kalimat-kalimat contoh dibawah bisa membuat arti kalimat menjadi beda.

Contoh A

1. Do you like swimming? Apa kamu suka berenang?

2. Do you want to swim? Apa kamu mau berenang?

Dari sudut kaidah grammar kalimat 1 & 2 berpola sama tetapi artinya beda. Pada kalimat 1 “berenang” merupakan satu kegiatan tanpa berkonotasi pada waktu tertentu. Dlm kalimat 2 sekalipun tdk disebutkan tetapi ada implikasinya dgn waktu  Kalau pada kedua kalimat ditambah waktu tertentu kita lihat apa perobahannya:

1 Do you like swimming now? Bisa diartikan apa sekarang kamu sudah senang berenang (mungkin…

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Definition and Procedure Fasting Ramadan, Mondays and Thursdays, Nazar, Ramadhan, Fasting Mid-Month, Ashura, Arafat and Syawal

Meaning of fasting according to the language is restrained. According to the Shari’a of Islam fasting is a form of worship to Allah by refraining from eating, drinking, lust, and other things that can break the fast from sunrise / dawn / dawn until sunset / sunset with the intention of the previous advance .

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ki ahmad

Dari Ali bin Abi Thalib ra bahwa dia berkata: Nabi SAW ditanya tentang keutamaan-keutamaan tarawih di bulan Ramadhan. Kemudian beliau bersabda:
1. Orang mukmin keluar dari dosanya pada malam pertama, seperti saat dia dilahirkan oleh ibunya.
2. Dan pada malam kedua, ia diampuni, dan juga kedua orang tuanya, jika keduanya mukmin.
3. Dan pada malam ketiga, seorang malaikat berseru dibawah ‘Arsy: “Mulailah beramal, semoga Allah mengampuni dosamu yang telah lewat.”
4. Pada malam keempat, dia memperoleh pahala seperti pahala membaca Taurat, Injil, Zabur, dan Al-Furqan (Al-Quran).
5. Pada malam kelima, Allah Ta’ala memeberikan pahala seperti pahala orang yang shalat di Masjidil Haram, masjid Madinah dan Masjidil Aqsha.
6. Pada malam keenam, Allah Ta’ala memberikan pahala orang yang berthawaf di Baitul Makmur dan dimohonkan ampun oleh setiap batu dan cadas.
7. Pada malam ketujuh, seolah-olah ia mencapai derajat Nabi Musa a.s. dan kemenangannya atas Fir’aun dan Haman.
8. Pada…

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101 Books

Time Magazine recently released a list of 15 words that should die in 2012. The list included some rather annoying, trendy words and phrases from 2011—like baby bump, occupy (wait, wasn’t that Time’s word of the year?), bro (as in “bromance” and “bro date”), and sexting.

Those, indeed, are extremely annoying words. But I think I can do better. As an avid book reader, writer, and Twitterererer, I’d like to think I know a few things about words.

So, with a tip of the cap to our friends at Time, I present 7 trendy words or phrases that should die a miserable death in 2012. (Of note, this list is different from the words that make me cringe—which are time-honored words that have been auditory nuisances since they were first spoken).

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101 Books

I have a friend who hates the word “moist.”

It’s true. You may ask, “Hey Robert, what does the word ‘moist’ have to do with your 101 Book project?”

Great question, to which I would answer, “Hey there. Absolutely nothing.”

But, truthfully, this blog is not just about the 101 books. It’s about reading words. Yes, I read words. Lots of words. And then I sit down and write words about the words I just read. It gets a little wordy up in here.

So, with all that in mind, I thought I’d list my 5 least favorite words today. These are the words that make me cringe, twinge, squirm and scream. Sometimes, their usage might raise the hairs on my arms.

If any of these words appear in any of the 101 books, you can count on me automatically excluding that book from the top 10 in my rankings…

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101 Books

Many bad movies have been made from great novels. But I’d say that very few bad novels have been turned into great movies.

So when a novel is turned into a feature film that wins 6 Academy Awards and the first Golden Globe for Best Picture, you can safely assume that the original novel was excellent.

An American Tragedy was published in 1925. Twenty-five years later, the novel was turned into a wildly successful film called A Place In The Sun—starring Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, and Shelly Winters, “three flaming young stars,” according to the movie’s trailer below.

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冥想於靜謐天際 Thoughts Under the Tranquil Sky

在去年佛陀紀念館如火如荼地興建時,家人已去參觀過。今天過年回南部終於有機會去參訪,深刻地感受到佛陀紀念館在台灣佛教史上,已留下了不朽的里程碑。 以下是初次到佛館行春的隨行紀錄。

2012 活動

圖片來源 Source: http://www.fgs.org.tw/events/2012ny/

When Buddha Memorial Center was still under construction last year, my family had already visited it. In this Chinese New Year break, I was glad that I had the chance to visit this place. It is indeed the monumental achievement in the history of Buddhism in Taiwan. Here is the highlight of my first visit to the Buddha Memorial Center. Enjoy~

As we approach the Buddha Memorial Center of Fo Guang Shan Monastery in Southern Taiwan, the flags about the Chinese New Year Lantern festive event and the idea of three good practices (Do Good Deeds, Speak Good Words, Think Good Thoughts) can be seen.

Wherever you go during the New Year break, heavy traffic is always part of it, you got to be patient and drive carefully.

We were looking for the location to park our car, while there was this…

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