Yesterday I get message from Mr. Hiroshi Mikitani via email on Linkedln. The message about article’s ” Are you having fun yet?”…. I think the article very nice and good to share in here because the article has inspiration about; ” How we will be able to determine the future  and How we plan to face the end of the year and new year”.

Life is  a song- sing it.

life is a game – play it.

Life is a challenge- meet it.

life is a dream- realize it.

life is a sacrifice- offer it.

life is love- enjoy it.

A professional is someone who loves his job. If you don’t love your job don’t go looking for another one first, stay where you are and try to find the love .

Loving your job is not that hard to do. The trick is to make it a game. Here’s how it works;

1. Establish goals; What is game, really, if not the accomplishment of a set of goals? To get the most point. To cross the finnish line first. These are game goals, set your own job goals.

2. Come up with innovative way  to achieve them; The more you concentrate and the more you innovate, the more enjoyable your goal-chasing will be come.

People who love their jobs are always- whether they realize it or not setting goals and accumulating innovative methods to achieve them.

A person who does not feel passionate about his or her work is like “an archer with a bow and arrow but no target, no matter how many times the archer draws his bow, he will never feel the fun of hitting his target.”

If your job is boring, set targets, face them and fire off your arrows. When you hit your targets you will be happy. When you miss, you will be dissappointed and you will want to do better. This is the path to being a true proffesional.